Courses & Workshops


A comprehensive online course covering step by step, all the basics you need to SUCCESSFULLY germinate, grow and harvest your own healthy, thriving and beautiful flowers.

One on One Workshops



Come join me at the farm where you will learn growing, harvesting and arranging techniques. Delicious refreshments will be provided. You will leave with your own arrangement along with a bucket of flowers to practice with at home.


Architectural Garden Design

Using the Thousand Islands Art Center as your classroom and working alongside professional gardener, Kathleen Murphy, who oversees the public gardens of the Antique Boat Museum and Singer Castle, along with various private gardens, you will learn both the art and the secrets of architectural gardening. The focus will be on learning to create a garden that will not only enhance the property, but just as importantly, compliment the house or structure on the property as well. In this case, we’ll be making our garden plans come to fruition on the Arts Center and pottery studio grounds.