Our Story

It began with a hundred year old house that I had loved since childhood. My husband and I purchased and moved into our home during one of the most frigid Februaries on record.  When spring finally arrived and the thaw took place it was to reveal a long neglected property; but among the chaos, ancient lilacs, antique pink tulips and the most fragrant and beautiful copse of peonies were waiting to be found. I was captivated. It was at this time I serendipitously came upon a company offering seeds of antique flowers. All of these events collided, resulting in a passion for me that continues unabated to this day.


Creating lush, romantic, English style, cottage gardens at our home evolved into a family nursery business specializing in heirloom plants and gardens. I have had the amazing opportunity to design, plant and maintain gardens throughout Central and Northern New York. I continue to care for two of these gardens, both being among the most beautiful places on the St. Lawrence River; Singer Castle on Dark Island and The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton.

With over 20 years in the nursery business I felt it was time to venture onto a new path.
And so begins the next chapter; Primrose Hill Flower Company.

We grow all our cottage garden favorites on a beautiful piece of farmland overlooking the mighty St. Lawrence.  All our flowers are started from seed in our greenhouse and are meticulously cared for during the growing season. We harvest our flowers at the peak of perfection. We forage in the woods and hedgerows for berries, wild apples and whimsical vines, bringing all this abundant beauty and fragrance together to create lush and wildly romantic florals.

Why not let us provide your wedding flowers, that perfect centerpiece for a special dinner or a simple summer bouquet just for the fun of it; for I truly believe flowers can enhance life beyond measure. Our story is proof of that!

Kathleen Murphy  Flower Farmer Lead Designer

Kathleen Murphy
Flower Farmer
Lead Designer